Company-seller: BiznesBroker.RU
Kind of Activity: The medical centre
Line: Medicine and pharmaceutics
Ownership: undefined
Market Share for Sale: 100 %
Acquisition Value: 525 USD (K)
Description: The medical centre in city of Moscow is sold. A premise(room) the general(common) area of 600 square meters in direct long-term rent. Cost of rent - 7 500 dollars per one month. The repayment is possible(probable). The license till 2009. Term of existence - eight months. Qualified personnel - 13 person. There is a site, the business - plan. The new modern equipment. The price of business - 525 000 US dollars. Tender is possible(probable).
Area: Russia
Person for Contacts: Anna
Address: Moscow
Phone: (095) 1051146
Issue Date: 06.06.2005