Company-seller: Private Person (Natalya)
Kind of Activity: Dairy manufacture
Line: Foodstuffs
Ownership: Private property
Market Share for Sale: 100 %
Acquisition Value: 500 USD (K)
Description: It is sold: pass a dairy factory in near Moscow suburbs. The Earth, a building and the equipment in the property. The enterprise makes milk, kefir, sour cream, cottage cheese, there is an equipment for manufacture and packings of fermented baked milk and yoghurts. Selling in Moscow and the Moscow area is adjusted. Monthly average volume of realization for 2004 - 124 000 US dollars.
Area: Russia
Converting to Cash Recently (6-12 months): 124 USD (K)
Amount of working man's: 35
Person for Contacts: Natalya
Address: Near Moscow Suburb
Issue Date: 06.06.2005