Company-seller: PAPAGAL
Kind of Activity: Incoming and outcoming tourism
Line: Tourism
Ownership: Private property
Market Share for Sale: 100 %
Acquisition Value: 78 USD (K)
Description: Year of foundation: 2005 January. Location: Saint-Petersburg. Business organization: LTD. Exclusive representatives of Turkish companies in the North-West Russia. Oriented to the upper price segment of demand.

Introduced its own (the know - how) system of online booking of hotels all over the world, including major mass destinations: Turkey, Egypt, Southeast Asia, Europe and etc. Incoming foreign service in St. Petersburg.
Area: Russia
Internal Funds, Sum Total: 10 USD (K)
Including Net Profit: 3 USD (K)
Converting to Cash Recently (6-12 months): 99 USD (K)
Amount of working man's: 4
Profit Margin Recently
(6-12 months):
18 USD (K)
Person for Contacts: Andrey
Address: 191011 , Russia Saint-Petersburg, Nevsky pr. 32-34
Phone: +7-812-969-14-39
Fax: +7-812-571-68-75
Issue Date: 24.08.2010