Company-seller: Sanilo LLS
Kind of Activity: Woodworking complex
Line: Forestry, wooding and woodworking
Ownership: Private property
Market Share for Sale: 100 %
Acquisition Value: 500 USD (K)
Description: The woodworking complex, with possibility of expansion or for other industrial business is offered.In a complex: the Power-saw bench, a dryer, a warehouse, office, premises for protection, workshops, hotel and the house for the managing director.

The price of 15 000 000 roubles or 500 000$.
The auction is welcomed! ))
Is on sale in connection with transition in other business.
Internal Funds, Sum Total: 350 USD (K)
Converting to Cash Recently (6-12 months): 250 USD (K)
Amount of working man's: 6
Profit Margin Recently
(6-12 months):
50 USD (K)
Person for Contacts: Kirill Pilshikov
Phone: +7 -812-603-26-65
Issue Date: 24.08.2010