Kind of Activity: Thirteen (13) residential properties located throughout sunny
Line: Health protection
Ownership: Private property
Market Share for Sale: 100 %
Acquisition Value: 1349 USD (K)
Description: Central Florida investor is selling it all! Don't miss our 'Bakers Dozen Income Portfolio'; including thirteen (13) residential properties located throughout sunny, warm Central Florida.

All are below tax value and all are RENTED, except for the one we are holding for you. It's located on the lake and may be purchased separately. It takes years to build a porfolio like this!

Don't miss this once in a life time OPPORTUNITY to buy our BAKERS DOZEN INCOME PORTFOLIO!
Internal Funds, Sum Total: 1349 USD (K)
Person for Contacts: Mareks Bajars
Address: Deltona County, Florida
Phone: +37126713844
Issue Date: 28.01.2009