Company-seller: Shanghai JUMP Machinery&Technology Co.,Ltd
Line: Manufacture
Ownership: Mixed ownership
Market Share for Sale: 20 %
Acquisition Value: 100 USD (K)
Description: Succeeded to Shanghai Light Industry Group, Shanghai JUMP Machinery & Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to provide leading technology, high-quality product, individual solution and superior service to the worlds food processer, supplier and all other customers. After nearly 15 years innovation and self-development, JUMP has been a leading supplier for whole plants of machinery and engineering for fruit processing, juice drink processing and etc. from A to Z. The design, fabrication and manufacture, installation, commissioning as well as the technical training and after sales are all handled by JUMP.
Area: China
Internal Funds, Sum Total: 50000 USD (K)
Including Net Profit: 5000 USD (K)
Converting to Cash Recently (6-12 months): 20000 USD (K)
Amount of working man's: 100
Profit Margin Recently
(6-12 months):
20 USD (K)
Person for Contacts: Joseph Guan
Address: No.986 Hejing road, Jiading district, Shanghai, PRC
Phone: 0086 21 59571328-808
Fax: 0086 21 59571326
Issue Date: 24.06.2008