Company-seller: Russian Research Company
Kind of Activity: Market and Corporate Research and Consulting
Line: Research activities and developments
Ownership: Private property
Market Share for Sale: 100 %
Description: Moscow Research Company for outright sale, with optional 2-year support contract from owner.

Why buy THIS market research company?

Our company can offer the investor a stable return on investment, a proven system of highly automated report development, a recognized boutique brand, a steady growth rate from 2 people to a 24 person company in 11 years, and an 80% reorder rate from fortune 100 and Fortune 500 Clients

We have 350+ multinational Clients that order 30+ unique and distinct product categories from our proven technology base of 35,000 + programming hours of development.

In addition, we have consistently invested in quality statistical business databases over the years. We have the largest privately held base of Russian statistics from which to generate many important report components in a highly automated environment.

Some metrics of note:
* 150,000 USD profit per year
* 24 full time staff
* 80% repeat business
* 30 unique report types with universal appeal, including online, electronic, hard copy, software+database categories to suit user preferences
* Every key industry in Russia is well represented by our client base
* Core staff highly motivated by incentives to join the complete the sales process
* 11-years on the Russian market
* Audited two times by third parties in two years, with high marks.

This is a single owner company that has been audited intensively twice in the last 2-years. Every penny is accounted, and all issues of intellectual property have been tested successfully.

Sale prices is 3,125,000 USD. Buyer may be retained for consulting on a 2-year contract for additional reasonable fees, if desired.

Write me with your inquiries at -

All serious inquiries will be carefully considered.
Area: Russia
Including Net Profit: 120 USD (K)
Amount of working man's: 24
Profit Margin Recently
(6-12 months):
120 USD (K)
Phone: +64 272303261
Issue Date: 04.02.2008