Company-seller: Trueherbals
Kind of Activity: Sell Herbal remedy for Re-pigmentation Of Vitiligo / Lecuderma
Line: Health protection
Ownership: undefined
Market Share for Sale: 2 %
Acquisition Value: 23 USD (K)
Description: Anti-vitiligo is a herbal remedy for re-pigmentation in vitiligo and hypo-pigmentation due to other reasons. With re-order rate of 47 %, it is the most effective topical treatment available anywhere across the globe.

Quick responders can experience the first signs of improvement in a fortnight but the usual vitiligo patients will see the benefit within 2-6 months.

It has been found effective in all types of the pigmentary disorder including localized vitiligo1 (focal vitiligo, segmental vitiligo) and eneralized vitiligo2 (acrofacial vitiligo, universal vitiligo and vitiligo vulgaris).

No Side effects,No steroids,No harsh, irritating agents,No necessary supplements.
Area: Russia
Internal Funds, Sum Total: 99 USD (K)
Including Net Profit: 500 USD (K)
Person for Contacts: Muhammad Ashraf Khan
Address: Suite # 3, Second Floor, Town Ship Lahore. PAKISTAN
Phone: 00923464342314
Issue Date: 29.01.2008