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The Private Person For realization business of idea in the field of manufacture of clothes is required the credit. Various variants of financial participation and credits are possible(probable). Complexity of a situation is, that or guarantors for the necessary sum...

"Express-Credit" The bank finances the enterprises of small and average business of all fields of activity. Region - Moscow and Moscow Area.

Open Society "Bread" Updating of turnaround means, repair of a food zone. Region of an arrangement áèçåíñà - the Kostroma area.

OVK - Finance - Credit The minimal sum of the credit of 10 million dollars, the interest rate of 1 % annual. As maintenance under the credit the bank guarantee is considered(examined) only. Region of an arrangement of business - Primorski Krai.

The private person The credit in sphere of picture-making is required. Without a pledge.

Open Company the Salamander The American investment company "Universal Business Ventures" offers the investment under serious investment projects from 1 million $. (except for construction), under 8% annual. Conditions of consideration: to fill the established form in the...

The private person The credit is necessary for construction in territory of the Moscow area. The contact person - Matnijazov Nikolay Sabirovich.

The private person I shall take the credit for construction of hotel in Krasnodar territory.

The foreign company Minutes the sum - 10 million US dollars. Presence of a guarantee of any bank.

The private person Investors under construction of hotels, boarding houses, shopping centers in the Kirghiz republic on a coast of lake Issyk Kul and in general in KYRGYZSTAN are required. The person for contact - Azamat.

Open Company "CKIT" The credit in working company in sphere of IT-technologies is required. Region of an arrangement of business - Stavropol territory.

The private person The credit from 50 000 up to 100 000 $, for the period of one year is required. I shall take part to consideration any conditions. I shall offer individual share. Region of an arrangement of business - Saint Petersburg.

Open Company "Moscow Hypothecary Centre" Crediting of the enterprises, including for purchase of the real estate on the security of this real estate. Leasing. Returnable leasing. From 300 thousand dollars. USA. From 7 up to 13% annual in currency. Sergey Nikolaevich Kiprijanov. Region -...

Open Company For the building company are necessary: the credit or investments in construction of shopping center and habitation, in territory of Yaroslavl. Volume - from 10 million dollars. Region of an arrangement of business - the Yaroslavl area.

The private person I shall take the credit for purchase of working business on the security of actives of got business or on your conditions. Region - Moscow.

The private person The credit in the enterprise for the international transportations for purchase of motor transport for transportations is required.

Open Society Term of return a maximum about 24 months. Only on a credit card. Region of an arrangement of business - Moscow.

DAXI Continuation of development of sewing manufacture. Variants crediting and investments are possible(probable). Region - Moscow.

Open Society "Kanchshop" The credit for creation of a wholesale warehouse is required. Region of an arrangement of business - Stavropol territory.

Nissi Moscow. A good place, not the Moscow Ring Highway. The project in a stage of construction. For 100 % of change of the previous proprietor on mutually advantageous conditions with the investor / creditor. There is a variant of alienation of a part...