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Joint-Stock Company Ready business - retail shop of the industrial goods is sold. We work half-year. Underground "Bratislavskaya" (city of Moscow). It is sold together with the trading equipment and the commodity rests. We can "transfer" direct suppliers. The area of...

Open Company Sale of business on manufacture of paper napkins. The price of 30 thousand dollars. The personnel of 4 person, the area of 150-200 meters, consumption of energy small 3-5 watts at one o'clock. Productivity of 2000 packs on 100 sheets in a pack for...

The private person Working car-care center (50 %) 100 square meters is sold. The lift, a hole, 2 complete sets of the welding equipment (gas, a semiautomatic device). The protected territory, a convenient entrance. There is a turned out client base. Rent of 800...

InterTrade EU The company wishes to get working points of exchange. A minimum 3 exchange offices. We shall redeem quickly. Region - Moscow.

The private person Sells a complex on manufacture of the groats, located in Novosibirsk area.

Open Company I shall sell well put, profitable business on manufacture of plastic container. The factory makes eurocanisters in volume of 10 and 5 litres, banks of 2,4 and 0,9 litres, covers to banks and canisters. At will it is possible to change color, trade...

The private person Good reputation not a strong competition, long rent, the Skilled personnel, the turned out clientele. Region of an arrangement of business - the Moscow area.

Open Company "Riconet" The Internet - provider of Kirghizstan. Switched access, xDSL, telephone maps of an Ip-telephony. Licenses for Data transfers.

BiznesBroker.RU Business - wholesale trade in the frozen products is sold. Business represents the trading - warehouse base located in city of Odintsovo (the Moscow area).

The private person Let's buy large bakeries, macaroni, confectionery factories. Region of an arrangement of business - Altai territory.

Open Company Dynamically developing wholesale alcoholic company in Moscow is sold. All necessary licenses and sanctions are (validity of the license till January, 2008).

Open Company Comfortable boarding house in city - resort Belokuriha of Altai territory in a picturesque place.

The private person Operating company, with staff(state) of auditors and clients. Region - Moscow Area.

The private person I shall buy a drugstore located in the Moscow area.

The centre of administrative transformations Working enterprise - " the Factory of pubs and soft drinks " in Zlatoust is offered to sale, to the Chelyabinsk area. The general area of industrial premises(rooms) - 1703,8 square meters, the ground area - 4524 square meters, the site in rent for...

Open Society "Project 2002" The property complex on processing sunflower and manufacture of sunflower oil is sold. The ground area in the property, independent gas heating, the electric power, water, the phone. The big storehouses for raw material, finished goods and an...

The private person The physical person, advantage: good office in a good place, profit on 5000 standard units. An arrangement of business - the Moscow area.

Open Society "N" The real estate, engineering is offered to sale 2000 ha in the Voronezh area.

Metalloservice The enterprise is sold. City of Maikop republic Adygeja. Floor space: 7000 sq.m. Office building of 700 sq.m. Shops are equipped with elevating mechanisms. Height of shops of 6-8 meters. Light, water, gas. The general area 2 ha.

The private person Let's buy pass a factory on manufacture of a facing ceramic brick, productivity 15 - 30 thousand pieces for day, the project plus technological processes plus the equipment. Region of an arrangement of business - the Moscow area.