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BiznesBroker.RU The purchase the profitable medical centre in Moscow. The stomatologic clinic is interesting also. Cost of business from 30 up to 700 thousand US dollars. I shall take part to consideration any offers.

Athletic City The premise(room) is in rent. 320 sq.m., are in rent till 2006, with the right of prolongation of rent. All in properties, simulators of firm "Body Solid", a solarium "Ketler". The known company name.

Open Company "The Project 2002" The property complex on processing sunflower is sold. The ground area in the property, independent gas heating, the electric power, hot water, the phone, storehouses for raw material and finished goods, a dryer, building shop. System of...

BiznesBroker.RU The purchase working drugstore. Near to the underground, in a through passage place. The general area from 70 up to 500 sq.m. A premise(room) in long-term rent or the property. Term of existence of business from 1 year. Cost from 50 up to 500...

The private person Administrative four-storeyed building in the centre of Volgograd with a cellar. The general area of 5600 m2. A parking. In the property.

The private person The area of buildings: 27 sq.m. The area of the ground: 300 sq.m. Means of production: Capacities in the ground. Now does not work.

William Direct refineries or real seller mandate please contact us. We have urgent requirment for REBCO, MAZUT, D2, LPG GAS. Please contact us urgently. Only those who have firm allocation and POP please contact us urgently. No long chain and brokers....

BiznesBroker.RU I shall buy the company on wholesale trade in alcoholic drinks in Moscow. A recoupment no more than three years. I shall take part to consideration any offers. Region - Moscow.

Shoe factory Manufacture of special footwear for the petrochemical industry, an agriculture, army and fleet and under special orders.

Open Company Working transport agency. Age - two years, the license, pure(clean) balance, it is not burdened with credits and other duties. The enterprise is completely ready to reception of the license of a customs carrier. Region of an arrangement of...

Open Company "Business Rating Group" There is a desire to start (begin) manufacture in the Moscow region of new sources of heating.

Open Company Unique Jazz-cafe "the Jazz club Modus". The put business with the turned out clients and orders for half-year forward. The skilled collective provides a steady revolution. The area of 250 sq.m. together with all equipment, furniture etc. it Is...

Open Company The real estate: the Area of a bakery of 100 sq.m. The area of buildings: 150 sq.m., with the right of prolongation of rent. Region of an arrangement of business - Republic Tatarstan.

Open Company "Business Center Tomiris" Through the credit, it is desirable originally rent, but with the subsequent sale of all firm.

Open Company In historical downtown Great Novgorod, in the street Bitter, is sold a building of shopping center. In the property. The shopping center is completely populated with tenants. There is an own parking. Two floors trading, one office, one cellar...

Open Company "Electric Truck" Sale advertising light boxes on automobiles 23 piece. Plus four patents for manufacturing, use and a way of fastening light boxes.

Open Company "Business Rating Group" I shall buy any enterprise in territory Velskogo or Kotlas areas of the Arkhangelsk area.

Open Company The industrial warehouse complex is sold - the area 8 ha in 65 kms from Moscow!

Open Company Sells a factory on manufacture of the sunflower oil, located in Krasnodar territory.

Open Company "Business Rating Group" Are interested in purchase of a machine-building factory.