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The private person Working business - interior on trade in doors is sold. A parquet board, in Tver, located in downtown, near to Shopping center.

The private person The firm with the building license, was created under sale. Functions of the General contractor of 8 sections of works. Activity was not conducted. The reporting is handed over 3 quarter 2005.

Open Company The shop on manufacture of pasta is located in 2 floor brick building with recently carried out(spent) major overhaul.

BulgarianHome Sale of working hotel in Bulgaria on a coast of Black sea. The hotel represents two buildings located in fenced and protected territory, the area of 1657 sq.m. The general area of two buildings of 2562 m2. The hotel is offered to sale "on a...

Open Company The chemist's network is offered to sale. 10 chemist's items(points) are located in hospitals and polyclinics at hospitals. Are equipped with all necessary furniture, cash registers, the other equipment, lattices.

The physical Person The purchase working business in sphere of trade in articles of food. Region - Moscow.

Open Company The auditor firm in Saint Petersburg is sold. The price of 250000 dollars the Recoupment 1 year. Completely completed staff(state). A good hardware. Without duties and problems. The reason of sale crossing(moving) of the proprietor.

The private person The ground Area located in Vologda, on a brisk highway is sold. All communications. 28 hundred square meters. The property. Ideally for construction of shopping center, a motor show. The price of 10 million roubles.

BiznesBroker.RU I shall buy the insurance company. Safety activity interests including. Cost of business from 30 up to 150 thousand US dollars. I shall take part to consideration any offers.

The private person The shop of investment projects of Administration of Krasnodar territory informs presence of the free ground areas in the initial market in village Esto-Sadok of Krasnopoljanskogo district of Sochi.

Open Company The building costs(stands) on a business street, cost of rent - 300 roubles for 1 sq.m., has a good credit history, is sold in connection with departure Yaroslavl two founders. Debts on wages and taxes are not present. Premises(rooms) in long-term...

BiznesBroker.RU I shall buy a profitable beauty saloon in Moscow. I shall take part to consideration any site, mainly in the centre of Moscow. Cost of business from 10 up to 150 thousand US dollars.

Department of ready business The beauty saloon located in area of the Lenin prospectus (the first line of houses) on small removal(distance) from station of the underground. The high level and quality of rendered services allow interior to keep and increase available client...

Open Society "Project 2002" The property complex on processing sunflower is sold. The ground area in the property, independent gas heating, the electric power, hot water, the phone, storehouses for raw material and finished goods, a dryer. System of videosupervision.

The Private Person Restaurant Saraton in Tashkent on 100 landing places is sold. Other information at correspondence. Republic of Uzbekistan, city of Tashkent.

Dongmei Packing Material Co Ltd We are specialized in manufacturing polyolefin shrink film. our products always export to America, Asia, Africa etc many countries for many years. Main products are single wound shrink film, center fold shrink, shrink bags, and small size tube...

Jinshan Tradg Co We deal in and export agricultural products,such as garlic, some keeping-fresh products( ginger, potato, pepper, carrot etc). Our factory lies in north China which is the homeland of chinese garlic. If you want to know more, pls contact us by.

The private person Let's buy working business in sphere of sale and maintenance service of automobiles. Region - Moscow.

Open Society "Space" Agency of the real estate in Kazan. Rent of office 26 sq.m. - is paid till 2007. Consists in guild rielty Tatarstan.

Open Company Working network from three car-care centers in Moscow is sold. There is a untwisted site in WWW. The company exists 6 years.