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The private person The purchase working car-care center. Region - Moscow.

Open Company The largest internet-shop of pictures and subjects of art www. is sold. The big, constantly replenishing base of artists. A plenty of visitors. The basic profit on internet-shop - sale of works of artists (commission interest) and...

Open Society Working gas station is sold. A property complex of the gas station: the gas station, mini-shop, the ground areas. A site: the Penza area, Gorodishchensky area. The general area - 17440 square meters.

Private Person Valy Sells computer interior.

Open Society Working business - sewing manufacture is sold. A site - city of Moscow, Southeast Administrative District. The general area of premises(rooms) - 302 square meters, in direct rent at the proprietor, cost of rent of 100000 roubles.

BusinessBroker The tour operator, travel agency is sold. Term of existence of business 4 years. The monthly average volume of realization (in view of seasonal prevalence) makes 11 thousand USD. Monthly average profit: 1,5 - 2 thousand USD. A planned time of...

Open Society Business - the transport company in Moscow is sold. Term of existence - 6 years. The license - till 2009. Specialization - delivery of loose cargoes. Activity is carried out ALL-THE-YEAR-ROUND. The platform in protected territory is rented.

JST "TrustActiveInvest" Sells 51 % of actions(shares) of the open joint-stock company issuing oil and cheeses. In territory of Byelorussia.

Open Company Sells the untwisted interior of cellular communication in city of Moscow (Southeast Administrative District).

The private person Sale of 100 % of a share of the Authorized Capital. (Moscow Area).

Sergey Flight and the East on Russia and abroad is sold internet-shop on sale of the Russian hours. The revolution per one month makes 5000 $. Monthly profit 2000 $. The shop is sold with a commodity stock on 10000 $. Cost of shop 40000 $ without tender.

The individual businessman Working retail network on sale DVD of disks in Volgograd as departments in large Shopping centers and shops in downtown, and also in most through passage places of other areas of city.

Open Company "IPO" The civil engineering firm with 2 building sites located near to the centre in cities of Ivanovo is offered to sale. On one of platforms the delapidated building subject reconstruction in multi-storey by a vein(an inhabited) the house is located....

Sergey Food supermarket.

Open Company Shopping center "Smolensk Passage" 2 floor, 53 square meters, good repair. Moscow.

The private person Working enterprise in Saint Petersburg, having the license for manufacture and the license for pharmaceutical activity.

The female Internet magazine The female Internet magazine One of popular internet-magazines for women with daily attendance up to 650 unique visitors is sold. The basic income of magazine of sale of the spaces. The income of magazine is directly proportional...

Open Society "Zeus" The working enterprise for processing wood in the Ivanovo area is sold.

Open Society Working business car-care center in Moscow, in area of underground "Semenovskaya" is sold. The area of premises(rooms) of 158 meters square, cost of rent of 1700 dollars.

Open Society Business is sold: Electronic MASS-MEDIA. In the market of news agencies of 5 years. Known brend. An opportunity of purchase of a control package (up to 85 %). The price of sale of 100 % of business: $ 100 000 Contact person: Lepuhov Dmitry...