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Open Company Working business - a dairy factory in the Saratov area is sold. The Earth is in properties, the area - 1,8 hectares. The area of a premise(room) - 1177 meters square. Region of an arrangement of business - the Saratov area.

Armavir Sells an industrial complex. Region of an arrangement of business - Krasnodar territory.

Open Company the Building company The ground area of 107 hundred square meters, on a site two buildings - office, a 1-floor, 70 square meters and mechanical workshops, a 2-floor, 240 square meters, all communications. There is a sanction to construction of the enterprise and an...

The gas station Working gas station is sold. A property complex of the gas station: the gas station, mini-shop, the ground areas. A site: the Penza area, Gorodishchensky area. The location of business - the Penza area.

Business Broker The Administrative - trading complex is sold. A site: the Kostroma area - city of Volgorechensk.

Open Company The offer interestingly affinity to borders of Latvia (100 kms) and Byelorussia (20 kms). A site - the Pskov area, close crossing of federal motorways and trunk-railways Moscow - Riga and Saint Petersburg - Minsk.

The private person Any form of payment. Moscow.

Open Society The enterprise includes shop and office. The grocery shop - is located by the general(common) area of 213 square meters in a socle premise(room) brick 14 floor apartment houses. Region of an arrangement of business - Saint Petersburg.

Open Company TD "Reality Dialogue" Manufacture and processing wine. Region of an arrangement of business - Irkutsk area.

JST "Sygma" The property complex of Joint-Stock Company "Sygma" is sold. A site - the Belgorod area, city of Alekseevka.

RiR It is located in the central part of city of Cheboksary, on crossing of the central street and perpendicular. A project cost of 41 000 000 roubles.

Optima The commercial real estate is offered to sale: 6 floor brick panel building, the general(common) area of 5.800 square meters, located to the address: city of Moscow, Altuf'evskoe highway.

The businessman without formation(education) of the legal person I shall take in rent of 100-150 square meters. The trading areas in trading - entertaining complexes for the organization of trade by toys. Also interests already adjusted business in this sphere.

Open Company FA "Milkom-Invest" The enterprise is in city of Tver. Consumers of production of the enterprise are the trading organizations of all patterns of ownership of the Tver, Smolensk, Pskov areas, and also Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Region of an arrangement of business...

Open Society New epicure Alexeevsky in downtown of Kirov is sold. A new premise(room) of shop in the downtown the area of 160 square meters (property), an opportunity of expansion of premises(rooms) due to reconstruction and constructions without allocation of...

Open Society The enterprise includes shop and office. The grocery shop is located by the general(common) area of 213 square meters in a socle premise(room) brick 14 floor apartment houses. An input(entrance) and show-windows of shop leave on street.

Open Company The photointerior in Moscow (underground Semenovskaja) is urgently sold. Term of existence of business - 5 months.

Roman The car-care center about underground Dmitrovskaja, 1508 square meters is sold. 12 Lifts, sink, a tin, the chamber for painting and many other things. It is profitable, idle time is not present. Region - Moscow.

Private Person The base, 17 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Highway, Lobnya, a capital building of 1700 square meters (all communications), 1500 square meters hangars, the adjoining area of 2,23 hectares rent of 49 years (the repayment is possible(probable)), an...

the PROPRIETOR Sells working meat-packing plant productivity of 5 tons in days the Import equipment. It is located in 100 kilometers from Moscow on Kashirskomu highway. In the property the ground of 1,5 hectares and road. The water tower, substation. The...