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Open Company "Company Vjatkalesprom" Open Company "Company VJATKALESPROM" represents an independent industrial complex on processing a wood and to manufacture of saw-timbers. Region of an arrangement of business - the Kirov area.

Open Society "Tetis" Manufacture of plastic seats for stadiums, tribunes from metal designs, the sports equipment.

TM "Sylatek" To sale it is submitted: 1. Trademark "Sylatek", 2. The patent for the invention of the Russian Federation (product), 3. Specifications, 4. A ready party(set) of a product. 5. Packing.

The private person I shall buy retail shop on trade in the following assortment: household chemical goods, rural economic chemistry for personal facilities(economy). Region - Moscow.

Joint-Stock Company "Factory of articles of food Vorskla" I shall sell a factory on flood of medical mineral water., the Address: Ukraine, the Poltava area. The factory is in a resort zone, the general area - 2 hectares, shop on flood of mineral water, shop of food manufacture.

BiznesBroker.RU The building company with working licenses is sold. A site - the Moscow area, 160 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Highway. The ground area of 4 hectares.

Open Company "Atlant" Sells working enterprise, a site: city of Rybinsk, the Yaroslavl area. The general area - 4 hectares, shop - 480 square meters.

Open Company Let's consider offers on purchase of shopping centers, shops in cities of Russia.

BiznesBroker.RU Working business - car-care center in Moscow near to underground "Molodeschnaya" is sold. The building of automobile service enters into a complex 542 underground square. The property: autosink, shop of automobile spare parts 89 underground...

BiznesBroker.RU The automobile enterprise for the international freight traffic is sold. A site: city of Kaliningrad.

Shop of Investments The drugstore in Moscow (area Novogireevo) is sold. Completely equipped premise, the area of 74 meters square, direct rent. Ready staff(state) of employees, including the manager. Monthly average profit of 3000-3500 US dollars. Cost of business of...

Open Society "Falcon" Working complex on processing wood in settlement of Court of Cherepovets area of the Vologda area. 33 hectares in properties, capacity of the enterprise of 5000 meters cubic per one month on an input(entrance). The structure includes furniture...

The private person I shall buy travel agency. Region of an arrangement of business - Moscow.

The private person Large working manufacture. Region of an arrangement of business - the Vladimir area.

The Jove the Capital I sell a site of the ground of 210 hectare - the Tula area, Kurkinsky area. A farm of 300 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Highway on the Simferopol highway.

Baksim Open Company with the wholesale license for purchases, storage, deliveries of alcoholic production is sold. A warehouse of 200 square meters. Located in Southeast Administrative District of city of Moscow.

The private person Sells ready business - shop of automobile spare parts for cargo foreign cars in Nizhni Novgorod (street Kuzbass, 25). The area of a structure - 160 square meters, gas, water, the water drain. In the property there is also a ground area the area of...

Private Person - Sergey I shall buy a beauty saloon in Moscow. I shall take part to consideration all offers up to 150000 US dollars.

Aura Working pharmaceutical firm in city of Minsk with licenses for the right of wholesale and retail trade in medicines. An own retail network. A warehouse. The equipment, labour collective, commodity stocks.

The Altay factory of mill mechanical engineering Factory "AltayMelMash" represents perspective and highly profitable business, makes the BEST in Russia the equipment in the branch - mills for processing rye and neigh (productivity from 20 up to 200 tons per day) and the various mill equipment....